Summer days are over, leisure time is done and back to school we go. Laughing, playing and reuniting
with school friends bring illnesses as well. Such as upper respiratory infections, ear infections, strep.
throat and the flu. So here are some helpful hints to keep our children free from viral and bacterial

  1. Hand washing is one of the most helpful ways of preventing the spread of infections. Teach your kids to wash their hands with soap and water, scrubbing in between fingers while singingone of their favorite songs, or just sing the happy birthday song twice.
  2. Antibacterial hand sanitizer is another source of cleanser to keep hands free of germs.
  3. When cough is present teach kids to cough into their sleeve or elbow not their hands.
  4. And if your child happens to get sick, to prevent spreading of infections keep them at home for 24 to 32 hours, and call the office to make an appointment for an evaluation.