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Behavioral Health services offered in San Antonio, TX

Your child’s behavioral health is part of their overall well-being. At Pedi Place @ Westover Hills, pediatrician Yvonne Miranda, MD, offers behavioral health screenings and recommendations to patients in San Antonio, Texas. Call today or request an appointment by filling out the online form if you have concerns or need more support for your child’s behavioral health.

Behavioral Health Q & A

What is behavioral health? 

Behavioral health describes the totality of your child’s emotional, social, and environmental wellness. Physical health is just a part of your child’s overall well-being. These other factors are an important part of their ability to thrive.

Your child’s behavioral health depends on their genetics, experiences, age, home life, lifestyle, and family history. It’s common for parents to have behavioral concerns about their children. 

When might my child need a behavioral health screening? 

If you are concerned about your child’s learning, social relationships, or habits, Pedi Place @ Westover Hills is an excellent place to start screening. After reviewing your concerns, your child’s symptoms, and other factors, your provider can refer you and your child to talk therapy, counseling, or other psychiatric services. 

Common behavioral health conditions include:


The signs of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) usually start to appear by the age of three. ASD is a disorder that affects a child’s thinking, communication, and behavior.  


Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) usually starts in childhood. It affects socialization and learning. Your child may get in trouble at school for talking and being unable to sit still. You may notice behaviors at home that concern you, too. 


Depression is more than a case of the blues. It causes persistent feelings of hopelessness and sadness, and negative thoughts. You may notice your child is withdrawn and no longer enjoys activities that once brought them joy.

If your child is struggling with symptoms of depression – especially if they show up as self-harm – it’s important to seek professional help. 


Anxiety makes your child obsessively worry. It can cause ongoing fears that interfere with your child’s daily life and interactions. Your child may express worry that’s out of proportion to the task at hand. This can affect school work, social engagements, and everyday life. 

What happens during a behavioral health consultation?

Your provider at Pedi Place @ Westover Hills reviews your child’s symptoms and their medical history. You’ll answer questions about your child’s behaviors and your concerns. The provider may also spend time talking with your child. 

Pedi Place @ Westover Hills has an extensive list of trusted mental health providers in the San Antonio area to whom they can refer you.

Call Pedi Place @ Westover Hills today to schedule an appointment to discuss your child’s behavioral health concerns. You can also request an appointment by filling out the online form.