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When your child suffers a sports injury, you want a trusted provider to whom you can turn so they can heal and get back in the game. At Pedi Place @ Westover Hills in San Antonio, Texas, pediatrician Yvonne Miranda, MD, and an expert team can evaluate acute sports injuries, like fractures, or overuse injuries, like tennis elbow. Call today if your child has a sports injury. You can also request an appointment by filling out the online form.

Sports Injuries Q & A

What are sports injuries?

If your child plays sports, they have an increased risk of injury. Strains, sprains, and fractures often happen out on the field and are most common in competitive team sports, including football, ice hockey, basketball, and soccer. Activities like cheerleading and gymnastics that require repetitive movements can also lead to sports injuries. 

The Pedi Place @ Westover Hills team has the expertise needed to diagnose, evaluate, and treat sports injuries. The goal is to get your child back to the activity they love as soon as they are healthy to do so and do everything possible to prevent injuries from recurring in the future. 

What are some of the most common sports injuries?

Sports injuries can happen due to an immediate accident or fall while practicing or playing. They can also occur due to repetitive movement and poor training techniques. 

Sports injuries usually fall into one of two categories:

Acute injuries

Acute injuries occur due to a sudden misstep, tackle, or fall. They cause instant pain and weakness. A sprain, strain, or concussion are examples of acute injuries. 

Overuse injuries

Overuse injuries happen as a result of repetitive movement. When you overuse soft tissue, like tendons or muscles, it can cause pain to develop over time. Golfer’s elbow, runner’s knee, and Achilles tendinitis are examples of overuse injuries. 

How do you diagnose sports injuries?

The Pedi Place @ Westover Hills team takes the time necessary to diagnose your child thoroughly and accurately. They’ll review their symptoms and perform a physical exam. They may also order imaging tests, including X-rays or an ultrasound, to view any possible injuries to bones or soft tissue.

The combined information helps your child get the most comprehensive diagnosis to help create an effective treatment plan. 

How do you treat sports injuries?

Your child’s treatment plan depends on their particular injury. The team considers the severity of the case, your child’s age, their sport, and other relevant factors. 

A personalized treatment plan may include: 

  • Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE)
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Heat therapy
  • Splinting or casting
  • Medications

Your child’s provider carefully monitors the healing process. They’ll let you know if and when your child can return to an activity.

Call Pedi Place @Westover Hills to schedule an appointment if your child has a sports injury. You can also request an appointment by filling out the online form.